There are SO many wineries within an hour to an hour and a half from us that it’s honestly unbelievable.  And, they keep popping up which makes it hard for the Trial Maps to stay current.

Some friends gave us this –

and it has come in very handy.  There are 30 wineries on here with most offering free tastings when you show this map.

Yesterday we stopped at Bluemont first.

The view is AWESOME and on a clear day (more clear than yesterday) you can see the Washington Monument.  Wow.  We joined in a ‘tasting’ where Ronnie and OJ’s glasses got a lot of attention…

Kim actually ordered them because Ronnie loves to drink his wine in a mason jar…..many people wanted to know more about ’em. =)

One of the reasons we wanted to stop at Bluemont was to listen to Ken Wenzel – we saw him back in April and this is the first we were available when he played local.

There was a bachelorette party underway – They were a lot of fun…

Which means this lady will soon be married, ha!

Harvesting is underway….many have been picked already or will be picked in the upcoming weeks. Check out these grapes –

This was our first ‘afternoon’ winery hop and we seriously didn’t know how popular Saturday afternoon is. Buses of all shapes and sizes were in and out…

Even the short bus was there, lol!

Perfect picture op –

Next up…..BOW =)