Yep, we didn’t expect any less but tonight was bitter sweet!

For the past 6 years, Ronnie has been involved in the Ray Miller Memorial All American Soap Box Derby held here in our county. He has been very active, doing everything possible to make each race a success AND better. After the race in June, he decided he was going to step down. There were a variety of reasons but mostly because he 1)missed some of Chase’s baseball games, 2) wanted to be more involved in Cierra’s activities and 3) because of tremendous amount of time he is away from us on weekends, meeting nights and the 3 days before the actual race. But, he wasn’t going to go out without attending the last All American Race in Akron as Race Director, cheering his two winners on. So we made the trip and watched them both (three actually if you include Ally), knowing that if we make the trip again, it will only be if Chase wins in the Master’s division. That trip was somewhat emotional.

So now on to the ‘sweet’ part. I am certainly not partial but he was an OUTSTANDING Race Director. Funny I should say that because that’s EXACTLY what the big guys in Akron, Ohio thought! YAY!

Tonight Ronnie was recognized for his outstanding efforts by the group of individuals he has worked very closely with over the past years.

And in the end, he announced his resignation. Totally understood and still commended for all he has contributed. Of course, he won’t leave them hanging…still available for questions but being the main man, key player, Race Director isn’t a title he will hold any longer.

Chase, Cierra and I are very proud of the difference his dedication has made. I say it all the time but “nice job, Ronnie”!