I have loved that song from the first time I heard it, even before Brittany and Cierra danced. That seems like so long ago. It seemed like we lived at the studio and Recital time….shew! Days in the high school auditorium. Snacks, drinks (but don’t spill) running to McDonalds, parents sharing bobby pins, safety pins, it didn’t matter who had it, if you needed it, consider it yours.

I guess looking back, those were the days –

And now, I have a new, favorite, precious dancer…..can’t claim her as my own but she is so sweet. She is going to the same studio, being taught by the same teacher….Love Ms. Kathy! This makes me smile.

And while I may not be spending days at practice, chatting with all the moms, you can bet we will be in the audience photographing and videoing every move little girl makes, and covering her with kissees and flowers at the end of the show! Can’t wait =)