I realized on my way to work that this little bit of water that ‘accidentally’ got in my purse

caused more damage that I realized :(.  Only after trying to call Ronnie numerous times and the call not going through then a call from him which I couldn’t hear did I figure out that something was wrong.  Ah ha!  I didn’t use my phone on Sunday except for texting but once I removed the cover, it was damp/wet/slippery.  Uh oh.

First stop?!  Verizon.  They were really nice and suggested before I file an insurance claim i get this –

I remembered seeing a Facebook friend the night before had a similar situation and was going to put her phone in rice over night.  Then I was reminded that my old boss posted something on the same lines.  A few e:mails later, I was hopeful.  So all day and all night my phone was buried in the rice bag.  Little by little I could feel the moisture dissipating and while I could see clearly through the camera now, I still didn’t have sound.  By Wednesday, knowing I had to travel this week, I bit the bullet and filed a claim.  And on Thursday?!  YAY, my new phone arrived and this was a wonderful sight!

I honestly didn’t realize how much I missed the new Verizon connection til it was gone, ha!  And some words of advice?!  1.  Have insurance  2.  Beware of water and 3.  Rice just might work unless the ‘hardware’ is damaged….definitely worth a try for a day or two.