Yesterday was our “Rookie Run” as “pourers” for Knob Hall Winery at the Maryland Wine Festival.  We had a great time, to say the least!

We took a crash course to learn about the wines then our three hour ‘duty’ began.  We originally thought we would be paired together but in order to keep up with the many people wanting to taste “The Jealous Mistress”,  we quickly separated, maning tables side by side.

and it actually worked out good for me….I was able to snap some pictures of him, hard at work =)

Without a doubt, it was Raven Country….Purple was EVERYWHERE!

After our shift came to an end, we hit the trail ourselves….

I’m not certain which wines won yesterday but we definitely tasted some winners!

The BB&T balloon was there – I don’t think they ever made it up because of the winds….

And after picking one of our fav’s, we had a seat and just watched…..These people were having some fun –

and these guys….well, looks like they packed their cases and chairs and were heading out, lol!

So as you can see and for those of you ‘fellow wine drinkers’, Wine Fests are lots of fun and we’re excited because the first three weekends in October hold fests for us!

Wondering yet why the post was titled “Reverse Directions”? Well, you guessed it. I printed directions to get there on time but neglected to print the reverse. I totally FAILED which resulted in us taking a route home which sent us out of our way quite a bit. I certainly learned a lesson but I still had a blast!