We have had some really, really weird weather lately. From the earthquake to the hurricane then Fall blasting in like winter for a few days. Just weird. I’m sure there’s someone out there that thinks the rapture is near, lol.

When the earthquake hit, I can honestly say I didn’t even feel it. Now granted, I was up and down on the bleachers at the fair but once everyone started talking about it, I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t say I experienced it. But…I’m thankful we all survived.

And then there was Irene. Again, she skirted us at home and there was minimal damage at the beach.

Then last week…..this came –
You got it, HAIL! And once again I wasn’t home to experience it. I got the call from Ronnie, asking where I was. Telling me to take cover because it was heading my way. But it never came. I did get in heavy, heavy rain but no hail. Luckily everyone under our roof KNOWS that when something like this comes around, pictures are required, ha!

So what you see here are hail balls…a little bit bigger than marbles, almost looks like moth balls.

We have had some beautiful nights, too.

And I think one of the more interesting things is that for the past few months, it has been warmer in Minneapolis and Des Moines than at home. Wow. Even this week while I have been in Des Moines, it has been warm, sunny and nearly 80 while at home, cooler and rain.

So while I’m not really complaining, I just had to say it…..we have definitely had some ‘wicked’ weather patterns lately.