Out with a BANG!

Yep, we didn’t expect any less but tonight was bitter sweet!

For the past 6 years, Ronnie has been involved in the Ray Miller Memorial All American Soap Box Derby held here in our county. He has been very active, doing everything possible to make each race a success AND better. After the race in June, he decided he was going to step down. There were a variety of reasons but mostly because he 1)missed some of Chase’s baseball games, 2) wanted to be more involved in Cierra’s activities and 3) because of tremendous amount of time he is away from us on weekends, meeting nights and the 3 days before the actual race. But, he wasn’t going to go out without attending the last All American Race in Akron as Race Director, cheering his two winners on. So we made the trip and watched them both (three actually if you include Ally), knowing that if we make the trip again, it will only be if Chase wins in the Master’s division. That trip was somewhat emotional.

So now on to the ‘sweet’ part. I am certainly not partial but he was an OUTSTANDING Race Director. Funny I should say that because that’s EXACTLY what the big guys in Akron, Ohio thought! YAY!

Tonight Ronnie was recognized for his outstanding efforts by the group of individuals he has worked very closely with over the past years.

And in the end, he announced his resignation. Totally understood and still commended for all he has contributed. Of course, he won’t leave them hanging…still available for questions but being the main man, key player, Race Director isn’t a title he will hold any longer.

Chase, Cierra and I are very proud of the difference his dedication has made. I say it all the time but “nice job, Ronnie”!


Next up….

Barrel Oak Winery – After finishing up at Bluemont we headed over to Barrel Oak. Ronnie and Kim and OJ were right….we LOVED IT!  BOW is beautiful!

and look! another bus =)

Tasting anyone?!

Of course the live music always sets the atmosphere –

and of course a little bit of food –

And BOW is actually very ‘dog’ friendly….many fellow wine goers brought theirs for a nice outing…we even had one at our table, lol!

we stayed for the ‘sunset’ –

and even watched the moon get brighter, ha!

and even watched them ‘inventory’ what had been poured today. WOW, that’s a lot of wine..

Then hit Mario’s Pizza in Berryville and these three guys were hanging out and playing for the guests….

I love to listen to those ‘unfound talents’. Who knows, maybe one day they will be singing at the wineries!
It was a great day – thanks Kim & OJ!

Saturday afternoon –

There are SO many wineries within an hour to an hour and a half from us that it’s honestly unbelievable.  And, they keep popping up which makes it hard for the Trial Maps to stay current.

Some friends gave us this –

and it has come in very handy.  There are 30 wineries on here with most offering free tastings when you show this map.

Yesterday we stopped at Bluemont first.

The view is AWESOME and on a clear day (more clear than yesterday) you can see the Washington Monument.  Wow.  We joined in a ‘tasting’ where Ronnie and OJ’s glasses got a lot of attention…

Kim actually ordered them because Ronnie loves to drink his wine in a mason jar…..many people wanted to know more about ’em. =)

One of the reasons we wanted to stop at Bluemont was to listen to Ken Wenzel – we saw him back in April and this is the first we were available when he played local.

There was a bachelorette party underway – They were a lot of fun…

Which means this lady will soon be married, ha!

Harvesting is underway….many have been picked already or will be picked in the upcoming weeks. Check out these grapes –

This was our first ‘afternoon’ winery hop and we seriously didn’t know how popular Saturday afternoon is. Buses of all shapes and sizes were in and out…

Even the short bus was there, lol!

Perfect picture op –

Next up…..BOW =)

I’m thinkin’…

it’s not so cool to find this in our driveway –

ewww….so this is the 2nd copper head snake that we have found AND our neighbor said she found one in her kitchen.  Geez….I’m getting a little worried.

Of course I did some research and found Serpent Guard just might be an option for us…harmless to animals, plants, children….and now I’m on a mission to find some.

Change is good, right?!  I admit, I’m kinda odd….when it comes to my work life, I can adapt to change quickly and honestly, that’s our way of life.  But…..when it comes to my personal life – NO!  I don’t like change.  I like things the same.  I like consistency.  PERIOD.

This has been a part of my life for MANY, MANY years –

so when I started to think about switching  to ….

I was very nervous (to say the least!)

But I researched, analyzed and polled my friends.  And when I weighed the pros…..service at the ballfield, fairgrounds, in between the bridges, work, beach AND I could have an iPhone (and Instagram), ha!  versus the cons…….leaving Sprint, changing my number, the decision was made.  Little by little I have converted and I am VERY happy!

Honestly though, switching cell phone carriers wasn’t nearly as hard as switching from Blogger.  Wow….I have been thinking about WordPress for a few weeks but every time I got close, I chickened out.  The other night when I completely botched up my blog, I thought ok, maybe it’s time for a try and here we are.  BUT…I’m not convinced I will stay.  There are some really good things but I’m not comfortable enough yet to say for sure if I will stay.  We’ll see…….So, feel free to provide some feedback.  What do you think?








For those of you that were heading to Knob Hall this weekend for WINESTOCK it has been postponed!!  Yep, due to the extensive rain, this event is being moved to October…just wanted to keep everyone up to date!


Tonight we headed down to Mena’s for some wonderful Italian food and it was definitely wonderful!

Of course, our dinner did mean these two could spend some time together =)  Too cute!

So if you’re in Harpers Ferry anytime, be sure to stop by……the cheese steak sub and lasagna are very yummy!

Show time!

Last week was full of shows…..Sheep, Goat, more Goats and Horses! We totally love the fair and everything about it.

On Sunday, Cierra was up for the Sheep Showmanship and Fitting show.

She scrubbed him –

She covered him up –

Then practiced –

Then hit the arena –

Just in case you didn’t notice she takes this VERY serious….

And she did a fine job – she made it to the final round for Showmanship! Not a winner but was one of two of the youngest in the Sr. class. We are very proud!

And on Tuesday?! The Goat show! It was a pretty long day but very enjoyable. Not only did we get to see some pretty cool goats but we also got to experience the 5.9 Earthquake =) Believe it or not, I honestly didn’t feel it but I am one of few…..I guess I’m not only deaf but missing the sense of feeling, haha!

Cocoa got all cleaned up –

Then Chase hit the arena –

I have seen such a change in Chase and his ‘showing’ skills over the past few years. Makes me smile =)

He had a ‘game face’, too!

but believe it or not, the judge did get a smile out of him…

And he too, made it to the final round.

Then in “Open Class”?! Who else but this little Princess would steal the show?!

and how can the judge NOT pick her goat?!

how better to spend time standing in line…

than to give her goat a hug!

This wasn’t the only time this Kayden Brooke stole the show – On Friday she had her first horse show…

Unfortunately we didn’t get to share in the excitement because we were heading back from OC but pictures work for me, ha!

She is so precious and certainly has a love for horses. (nut doesn’t fall far from the tree, lol!) So really….who can’t love the County Fair?!

Added feature –

For those of you that have asked and are interested in where we are going each weekend, I have added a feature JUST FOR YOU!

Yep, that’s right. Look to the right, just under our banner and you will see “CLICK HERE”. Just below that you will see our “Wine Schedule”. There ya have it!

Remember, this can AND will change from time to time so please double check before heading out =) We love company so feel free to come along.

‘Tis the season – harvesting of the grapes will soon be upon us =)